5 Card Draw Poker Rules

Poker Rules

5 Card Draw Poker Rules

5 Card Card Draw Poker Rules explained to help you play the best 5 card draw poker you have ever played. Get the inside track on how to beat your opponents and win at 5 card draw poker.

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Basic Rules For 5 Card Draw Poker

5 Draw Poker – The Aim of the Game

Each card has its own value. The aim of the game is to get the highest possible 5-card combination of cards.

Card Values in 5 Draw Poker

High to low: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and Ace. Aces here can be either high or low.

The Ante

The Ante – All players must “Ante up.” This is done before any cards are dealt by placing an amount (agreed by all at the outset) of your chips in the pot in the centre of the table.

Cards are shuffled then dealt clockwise to each participating player one card at a time. A round of betting follows after each player has had the opportunity to examine their cards. At this point, a player has the chance to fold, call, or raise.

To Fold in 5 Draw Poker

You fold when the cards that you hold are no good.
Place the cards face down and announce that you Fold.

To Call in 5 Draw Poker

Here you must contribute the equivalent amount of chips as other players since your last bet.

To Raise in 5 Draw Poker

You increase the value of your bet when the chance to do so arises since the last time you bet.

Another round of betting begins once you have received the new (and hopefully better) cards. The player with the highest hand value wins the pot.

Poker Hand Rankings

Five of a Kind
This occurs when all five cards have the same value. You must have agreed a Wild Card before the game starts!

Royal/Straight Flush
Royal – This is the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten of any suit.
Straight – This is five cards of the same suit in ascending order.

Four of a Kind
Speaks for itself! Four of the same card.

Full House
A full house is three of a kind and a pair.

A Flush simply means that your hand contains cards of all the same suit.

A Straight is five cards of any suit in ascending order.

Three of a Kind
It’s what it says! Three of the same card.

Two Pair
It’s what it says!

ANY pair – the highest cards win.

Highest Card
This is the Highest Card in your hand. It can decide a win.